Boredom… Let’s think about this for a moment.

I posit to you all that without boredom many of the worlds most innovative inventions / discoveries / products / etc…  Would never have been created.

Boredom is the mother of all invention.  Without which is why I have always responded with “That’s great!” when one of my kids or their friends would say “I’m bored…”.

Now is when you get to let your brain loose and create.  If you are watching TV, listening to music, playing a video game or otherwise distracted you aren’t as likely to have that world shaking idea…

So when I see articles like this I cringe…  Smartphones can tell if you are bored.

I hope that feature is turned off, because for me, being bored is when my best ideas come to life.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee…

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Best Pumpkin Seed roasting recipe?

I drove through Jackson Hole, Wy. about 7 years ago and had lunch at a very nice small restaurant that served as a gnosh, roasted pumpkin seeds.  They were awesome, spicy, crunchy and fairly healthy.

I have been trying to find that recipe for a long time.  But if anyone can help me out I would be tempted to send you a bag of nicely roasted pumpkin seeds once I perfect the recipe.

So not a rant or rantling…

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@sandy you really did #us! We would really like to #sandy back…

All jokes aside, for those of you who had the pleasure of spending the night with Sandy, it is nice to wake up and have lower wind speeds and nearly no rain.

I would like to do a shoutout to Holiday Inn Express for doing the stand up thing of actually lowering prices during this event.  This allowed those emergency personnel who had to be away from home to help out and lower cost place to bunk down.  Grats and that’s class.

Now onto the NOT so class acts.  I had reports that Wallmart had actually increased prices ahead of the storm especially on items that are potentially critical to a families well being and potential ability to survive if things had really gone down hill.  If anyone else has reports of businesses local to you gouging everyone, drop a note here and I will see about updating this.

Glad that everyone I know has gotten through to the other side of this alive and unscathed.

Hall of Shame so far:

Wallmart’s in NoVA

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Happy Day for Facebook!

Congrats to all of Facebook (, you people did a bang up job of changing the world. Thanks.

Personally I am disappointed that I didn’t take that call from Sean Parker when he called me a week before Peter Thiel put his 500K to work. Not that I could have (at that time matched that), but I certainly would have put 25-50K to work there given Sean’s track record.

Such is life. Grats to all of Facebook. A well deserved win.

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Apple and Starbucks free iTunes Codes – Rantling

So I LOVE that Starbucks and Apple gives out iTunes codes for free each week. Love it. Though I messed up in the beginning because I didn’t realize that they had expiration dates, so I was collecting and tossing up on my dresser. Opps.

You might ask WHY I was doing that.

Well, because it’s too freaking hard to type in a code when what they should have done is put a QR code there for us to use along with the option to do a scan from WITHIN iTunes on the iPhone. While they are at it why don’t they put a bar-code scanner in that app so that when I am at a store and see some music I want I could just scan it and buy it online..? Why oh WHY!!!

Come on Apple use the technology that you create to make our lives easier. 🙂

Ok, seriously this would be an awesome addition to the iTunes app on the iPhone. What do you say Apple? Wanna help us be even more addicted to your services and products?

Wake up and Smell the Coffee…

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Lost it’s all lost…

Ok so due to Godaddy not being able to keep backups longer than 30 days. Can’t totally blame them, but… All of my rants are gone down the bit bucket. I will see if there are copies laying around. Meantime I get to start over. So bear with me while I get things rolling again.

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Hello world! Back sorta…

Well had to recover all of my old blog posts.  That was fun and is still going on.  Someone should write a app to move blog posts off of and into WordPress… 🙂  Anyway, we be back.

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YouTube suit called threat to online communication

So what happens when a big media company decides to buy into the Internet?  They start suing everyone they can in order to stop them from growing their business.  It’s interesting to note that if YouTube was owned by Viacom that there would be no lawsuit and that Viacom would be quite happy letting their users put up “copyrighted” material.

Anyway, this was interesting and wanted to share it.  More later if I get motivated to rant a bit.  So this is just a rantling.

Check out:

YouTube and An Inconvenient Truth

YouTube suit called threat to online communication

YouTube law fight ‘threatens net’

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Music Play Count Inflaters….

Ok I just read an article on wired that has me concerned and pissed off.  The big labels are cracking down on websites that use, allow users to hear, play or otherwise stream their music.  So if this article is correct then they are basically fudging the numbers and then charging the sites accordingly.  I think that’s fraud and illegal, so they have resorted to illegal means to up their revenue.  I guess they must feel justified given their ongoing campaign against illegal use of their music…

Shame on them.

Listening Post Blog at

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FCC gets hoodwinked by Comcast

So I love it when the truth comes out.  Unfortunately it hasn’t come out to the press yet.  But who knows someday they will wake up and smell the coffee.  So here’s a link to a blog that you should watch if you haven’t already been watching.  Plus I love the subject.

Comcast Hoodwinks FCC. GreatFirewall of China in the US of A.

Enjoy! and wakeup and smell the coffee folks…

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