Copyright infringment issues

I will put more here later.  But for now it amazes me how stupid some people are.  Ok I know using a label on folks tends to just get them excited instead of listening but I just can’t help myself here.  Some folks (NOT all) are really idiots when it comes to copyright law.

To me it is clear that if I copy something and use it in something that I create I am walking a fine line and one that I had better know the ins and outs of.  Unfortunately MOST people don’t take the time to understand what those are.

I am working on a bit of info that should hopefully explain the concept better and will post those in the next few days.  But for now there is a golden rule that works on and off the internet.  Do unto others as you would have them do to you.  If it’s not alright for someone to mess with how you make a living then don’t mess with others.  If you would like to have credit put into a mashup, then give credit when creating yours.  If you don’t like the republican party using your photo to show what a good job they are doing in Iraq, then don’t use someone else’s to show what a great job they are doing of messing up in Iraq.  It’s really very simple logic.  You wouldn’t go into someone’s house and take their painting off the wall and add it to you art.  The argument that the door is open and that anyone leaving the door open is giving permission to come in and steal isn’t valid.  No way no how.

So when you go to use someone else’s work, regardless of HOW you use it first rule is to give credit and quote it.  If using someone’s photo without prior permission give them credit, and then send an email ASKING if you can.  If they tell you, you can’t, take whatever it is you created DOWN and do it again with a different graphic, hopefully one who the creator has given you permission to use.

Parody is CHANGING something to say something else.  Again a fine line, and you had better know what you are doing.  It isn’t hard to find out, but the laws around it are pretty clear that you can be sued for using something that you don’t have permission to use.

So wake up smell the coffee…  “Get it?” copyright 2007 Firebrand

Check this out: Wired Blog Story about Infringment

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  1. comprare oro says:

    By insisting on the prosecution of Julian Assange, politicians have only risked bumping him to cult hero status.

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