United Baggage Schedules Cancellations…

Here’s the thing.   I just got back from a trip out west and I can’t believe the lousy service I got from United.  Then I read this…


United Air to Charge Some Fliers for 2nd Checked Bag – Bloomberg

This wouldn’t be so bad, if I hadn’t just experienced one flight cancellation, lost luggage, a scheduled change and short connect times just on the way out.  On the way back the canceled two flights, changed the flight time, and got in late.  I have to say, to expect someone to pay extra for this kind of service is WAY too much.  Now do I agree that they need to be able to charge for an increase in fuel costs.  Yes, but charge me for it directly.  Up the ticket price, add a surcharge for that cost, anything other than charge me for additional services that already suck.  This is just unbelievable.

I don’t know what the rest of you think abut things like this but it’s outrageous.

Also it brings up for me the question of “should I continue to fly United?”.  I have flown them most of my business career and have been very loyal to them.  But they are starting to fly more like ValuJet than the old United I knew.  Thus I have to state here that I am not going to fly United if there is another choice.  When I fly I want good value and United just has hit the bottom of the list for friendliness, cleanliness, price, ontime service, and ability to get my luggage to me at all.  So I say good bye to United, and hello to Virgin or any other airline that will get me there with reliability, on schedule, and not lose my luggage.  It would be good if along the way they could be pleasant to me as well.

Let me here what you guys think about this….

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  1. firebranded says:

    Oh, I am now flying Virgin America and loving it.  Wish they would get a real loyalty program like United had, but I love their service.

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