Apple and Starbucks free iTunes Codes – Rantling

So I LOVE that Starbucks and Apple gives out iTunes codes for free each week. Love it. Though I messed up in the beginning because I didn’t realize that they had expiration dates, so I was collecting and tossing up on my dresser. Opps.

You might ask WHY I was doing that.

Well, because it’s too freaking hard to type in a code when what they should have done is put a QR code there for us to use along with the option to do a scan from WITHIN iTunes on the iPhone. While they are at it why don’t they put a bar-code scanner in that app so that when I am at a store and see some music I want I could just scan it and buy it online..? Why oh WHY!!!

Come on Apple use the technology that you create to make our lives easier. 🙂

Ok, seriously this would be an awesome addition to the iTunes app on the iPhone. What do you say Apple? Wanna help us be even more addicted to your services and products?

Wake up and Smell the Coffee…

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