@sandy you really did #us! We would really like to #sandy back…

All jokes aside, for those of you who had the pleasure of spending the night with Sandy, it is nice to wake up and have lower wind speeds and nearly no rain.

I would like to do a shoutout to Holiday Inn Express for doing the stand up thing of actually lowering prices during this event.  This allowed those emergency personnel who had to be away from home to help out and lower cost place to bunk down.  Grats and that’s class.

Now onto the NOT so class acts.  I had reports that Wallmart had actually increased prices ahead of the storm especially on items that are potentially critical to a families well being and potential ability to survive if things had really gone down hill.  If anyone else has reports of businesses local to you gouging everyone, drop a note here and I will see about updating this.

Glad that everyone I know has gotten through to the other side of this alive and unscathed.

Hall of Shame so far:

Wallmart’s in NoVA

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