The Truth will set you free…

So I know many of you watched the debates last night and are still likely digesting what happened.

So let me give you my two cents.

Both Hillary and Trump are not truthful people. Both try to cover up things they have done wrong.

It seems to me that their attitude is admit nothing and deny all. Rather than one of. Acceptance that we are not all perfect, and that mistakes happen, even to the best of us. In fact the best of us admit to mistakes and then work to never go there again.

Give me someone who has learned from their mistakes not someone who continues to deny that which is a mistake.

1. Hillary made at the minimum a HUGE mistake in keeping emails on her private server. What was she thinking, that she could keep them secret from the people she is serving? Had to be because she certainly knew that the Russians and Chinese were hacking our government servers daily for the last several years, years that she was intimately involved with the government at the highest levels. So why not live up to the fact that it was a mistake and that she knew better, but was hoping to keep it a secret…? At least then it goes away as a question in peoples minds and then they can decide for them selves how important that mistake is to them.

2. Trump and his birther comments, and taxes. Really? You can’t just stand up and say, look to the best of my knowledge that the time it was what I thought. Because of my insistence the certificate was produced and I am happy to find out that I was wrong. (NOTE everyone is wrong sometimes) On the taxes, beautiful move on saying he would release them as soon as HIllary releases the 33,000 deleted emails.. 🙂 But he could have put all of that to rest by simply saying, the system is broken and I know better than most how it’s broken and if elected I intend to make changes that will make it harder for those with money to get away with paying nearly no taxes. And further on the comment about his loan for his father? Who really cares? All of our parents have helped us out. Some more than others because they were able to do that. Don’t you think all parents would loan their kids as much money as they could to help them start a business etc..? It’s not a story, yet Trump chooses to make it a story by his rambling nonsensical monologue about it.

So folks, it has NEVER paid to lie. Once you are caught it’s all over. Instead own up to it. Hell even Bill Clinton, eventually owned up to his mistakes and came clean. Likely not totally, but enough to put it all to rest and move on from.

Stop lying. Stop trying to think that “We the People” are as stupid as you seem to think we are. Stop listing to your advisors and actually go out and listen to what the people honestly think and say about you and your competition…

Just Wake up and Smell the Coffee…

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