China investment in the US

So it is my understanding the a US company can not completely own a company in China. Ie; if Google opens a Google China, a Chinese firm or individual needs to own a portion of that entity in order to do business in China. It is my further understanding that the portion owned needs to be 51%.

Given that, why are we allowing Chinese companies to come in and completely buy a US company? OR open an entity in the US that is not 51% owned by a US corporation or individual?

Seems lopsided and another example of our stupid government not understanding business or what’s good for US business.

Meantime we allow Chinese companies to patent and trademark in the US when they have ZERO intention of honoring those agreements that we already have in place.

My question here is why are we allowing this as a nation when they are not allowing us to do so in their country?

Note every country has a right to do as they please. But the US should note that and respond similarly. It’s not like you are starting a war if you simply state. Look you don’t allow US companies to outright own a entity in China, so no Chinese National or Company can do that in the US.

The US reaches out and forces other Countries to do as the US wants them to do in other instances. For example Canada forces US citizens to follow US laws concerning corporate ownership etc even though the rules in Canada for their citizens are not the same. Doesn’t make sense that the US would not reach out and simply apply that strong arming to China as well.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee…

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