Threats to US security from the rest of the world.

Make no mistake about it, there is not one country that is truly a friend of the US. Much like a CEO, once you are on the top there are no friends in your world. Sure there are people you get along with (UK, Canada, etc) but more are out for your blood (Russia, China, Middle East, etc).

So why does the US Military still rely on technology from abroad? Why does it allow that technology to become a critical path to our operations or why does it allow that technology to even touch sensitive data or computers or???

The most recent example is the fact that the US Military uses a Russian companies technology to protect it’s computers. Seriously? Isn’t that like letting the fox into the hen house? I mean even from the outside it doesn’t take a genius to see that Russia would like better than nothing for the US to fail or to fall into disrespect or for them to harm the US in anyway they are capable. So what happens? The US Military allows a Russian companies technology to protect it’s computers. Oh yeah, talk about trojan horse. Let’s see the software that they are relying on protecting from virus’s spawned not only by criminals but also by nation states (Russia, cough), to have full access to the very same computers that those virus are targeting.  Kaspersky is a potential threat.

It doesn’t take a security expert or a computer expert to understand that this make little to no sense, and is actually very very dangerous…

Perhaps the US government needs to spend sometime brushing up the laws and rules that govern who you can and cannot buy from. Otherwise we might as well put all of our most secure data on a thumb drive and drop it off at the Russian and Chinese Embassy’s.

Wake UP and Smell the Coffee…

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