Is it me, or is technology getting creepy?

It seems that Google / NEST is all about spying on you and whoever wanders by the devices that they are making. Sure they deal with security, but whose? The governments/Google’s, or you?

I just read this and I was disturbed to say the least. These devices used Google’s Face Recognition software / service… Seriously? So now they want to track who is coming and going into my house? Do not evil? Just who is defining evil at Google these days?

I wouldn’t let the government have a peek into my underwear drawer (metaphorically speaking) why would I let some random company? When are people going to wake up? The App Color went under considerable controversy because it left your iPhone’s camera and mic on all of the time. So now we are going to buy a device that will spy on us 24/7 and store that data… Umm where will it store that data? And who has access to it? And can the Feds or State officials get a search order to peruse it? What about hackers? What about hackers getting in and turning your bedroom into an instant internet porn room? Without you knowing, and of the above.

Without privacy there is no Freedom. We are getting closer and closer to just that.

Read here:

Nest Invades your Home… Or the second coming.

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