There should be no protections for those committing crimes.

So there is a weird trend in the US court system. It seems that if you are hurt by someone protecting themselves or others that you the criminal can then sue the defender. All I can say is WTF… You have to be kidding. You are committing a crime, your intent is to hurt someone else. Honestly if you survive the defense you should be happy, not suing someone who was either protecting themselves or others.

In a stressful situation is someone who has a gun or a knife aimed at them supposed to consider what is appropriate response? The police get off with this all of the time and they are better equipped and trained than someone in the street. So why should that citizen be held to any standard of what is appropriate response? Seriously? You point a gun at me and I have the means to harm you to protect myself I will. What is wrong with our justice system that a suit like this can even be considered much less heard?

The expenses of the defense are outrageous. That citizen does not have a government backing them etc…

Let’s get real about this. If someone is committing a crime where bodily harm is threatened then whatever response is given that stops that crime should be protected buy the law. Somehow in this country we have lost the right to protect our own property. This is insane.

Please reach out to your representative and ask them to create some protections for defenders.

Wake up and Smell the Coffee…

Starbucks defender to be sued.

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